i need help finding & buying wordpress themes like this website https://www.fcommerce.id/

hi wordpress author, please help me with info what wordpress theme should i use, to build website like https://www.fcommerce.id/ but using wordpress theme

really really need the info for it. Thanks for the info.

Most of the features based on “Scrolling” as it’s a custom work, still, I have Elementor items on my CodeCanyon portfolio that you may actually use it on the similar website.

First, thanks for the reply, do you think one of your scroll enough or all should i buy, regarding with that website

You can check the features of the “extensions” for Elementor and you could buy the ones you need, if you want to add more “scroll” features, you could buy more.

I will be adding few other “Scroll-on” extensions coming-up this month, as well.

Did you have exactly scroll like the one in fcommerce.id ?

If you’re looking for something “exactly” same, you’d need customization which would effect the total price. If you’re OK with custom work, you can contact me to discuss the details