I need help about TrendSetter!!!

Hello everyone! I doesn’t know how can I get TrendSetter, how many time I must sell an item???Thanks!

It’s not just about sales, you need your item to have high number of page views within short period of time, and sales may help to get your item trending.
You can know your item is trendy when you see those blue marks on your item’s thumbnail/preview image:

On the item page:

On search results:

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Thank you very much OsamaSayegh!

My pleasure :slightly_smiling:

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hi, well @OsamaSayegh is true indeed, as for me i had tons of trendsetters but most of them had limited sales in the first place and besides most of them did not have so much more of it when they were, they often started to sell more after they stopped being , but i guess that is a personal thing and this is not the same for all of us about this, many guys say that they sell a lot when their item is a trendsetter … .

having such a file is a combination of many things, views, sales, among other things

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THX for information! :wink: