i need help about Release Form for videohive.

i create my self every illustrations, png each and every thing. i want know that what i need fill and upload Release Form with AE Project Files , if i have no need then what upload this Release Form Section ? or leave MT this section…what i do ? i hope you are understand.


I think you don’t need Release Forms. You can keep the field empty. But if that field is required for you then you can check:

Please can you share the screenshots you are getting the error when trying to submit? Have you checked Any Images, sound Video …? below the comments.


Thanks all , i just use vectors simple village houses and cartoon created myself . no used any real image any body and real footage

so, you have gotten solution, right? or still issue there

brother thanks for reply : my first project hard rejected . i just want know that technically uploading error or mistakes, because i no take risk again so i carefully this time, because 2nd project is ready.

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As a rule, if the problem is only in the technical aspect, then the reviewer gives a soft reject. If you get a hard reject, then the problem is in design, competitiveness, or utility for a potential buyer.
You can show your rejected item here on the forum, and colleagues will tell you what the most likely problem is.