I need give me your advice my flyer

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nothing help me :frowning:

thank you so much, regards. :slight_smile:

You are Welcome :innocent:

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One major issue I see is that the whole thing seems to just be using stock graphics rather than uniquely designed elements, and they aren’t even the same style, so they don’t really fit well together.

I’m not sure what exactly you did to make the confetti, but you can definitely tell it’s all the same piece, especially when the rotation is mostly the same for most of them. I would recommend making your own confetti Photoshop brush, which is really simple actually. Start off by making a new document, 500x500 pixels at 300dpi, then using black, create the shapes of a few pieces of confetti, try 3 unique shapes, then space them out and rotate them naturally. They should be large enough that they fill up most of canvas space. Then create the brush by going to Edit - Define Brush Preset - Give it a name, now you have it set as a basic brush. Now you need to adjust the brush settings, in Shape Dynamics set the size variation to about 40%, Angle Jitter to 100%, Roundness Jitter to 10%, then check the Flip X and Y Jitter boxes, in Scattering check the Both Axes box and set the Scatter to 1000%, Opacity Jitter maybe 5%, then finally in Brush Tip Shape set the Spacing to 1000%, now all you need to do is set the brush size to where you want it and start painting in some fairly natural confetti, be sure to adjust the settings if you need to.

The gold layer style also isn’t the best, it looks a bit dirty rather than something prestigious.

thank you so much, this solved my flyer :slight_smile: