I need feedback


Hello, i need help, before to post a flyer i want to show you to tell me if something is wrong with him ( i have 0 flyers accepted ) if was problem with dimension, with all i use, with all all is wrong, please help me. ( sorry for my english )

Can I put two versions in a psd but one 's texture has changed just a bit ?

First verssion
Two version
How it look in PSD

Many Thanx. love you all.


Hi There:

I neither speak english (I speak spanish only) but your flyer need differents typography, change backgound (background black change other color your choose more clear) add more information for example address, email etc,

I love your flyer :slight_smile:



Thanx again @JeriThemes it’s ok 2 version in one PSD? Tipograhie = font?


Yes fonts same I want say it.


twos flyers version same


Hi, @dpgraphic, l would stay between the two, as the first is too bright, (you probably won’t get rejected for that but l would tone it down).

And the text positions down the bottom is out, or needs more work.

Just click on my avatar and link for examples.

Good luck.



@tmcom Thanx, but what mean out, out from what ?


good luck | best


The blank space in the middle isn’t good, you need to put a graphic element there or some lines above and below the text, or both, or rearrange the text so it looks more balenced.