I need feedback on this track

Hi dear , any feedback on this track would be appreciated ,
thank you so much in advanced

An English language tip before I give feedback https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/hi-dear-without-any-name.835352/

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This lacks of experience in all fields. Mix, details, sounds, aesthetics. You seem though to have potentials while you lack mixing and producing skills. Don’t give up and keep getting better. Keep this song and after one year of practicing and producing, come back at it, this could become very good! Good luck!

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Hello my dear ones, i will use it from now on , thank you
, thank you for your helpful advises, do you recommend any educational resources ?

I recommend having realtime tips from composer friends which are better at it, do you have any?

Actually, how long do you produce? and how old are you?

I dont have any , thats why im posting here to get any sort of advises.
and i’m 24 years old, i’ve been producing 6 years now, but i never took it seriously till the last 2 years, and i focus more on composing and neglect the aspect of mixing and mastering which is why i lack at it, and i’ve tried last year and half to focus on mixing, i tried but i still make no progress i guess.


After listening to it again

Your mix isn’t that bad! This is a nice song. I think you need to pay attention to specific sounds… like some toms for example at 1:23, are very short and dry! And I think not needed!

I think overall, is good song, BUT

It has a lot of reverb everywhere, and a lot of mud (100-250 Hz)

You should try to make more clear mix

Also the ending… I hope it doesn’t gets cut like that! Make gentle endings

And PS* sorry if my first comment was too heavy, you can’t know with whom you are dealing with. You need some guidance and someone to open your mind. Listen to more cool tracks! And have a clear target.

AND I suggest ! Don’t produce in genres you don’t like, create your own personal favorite style! Hope it helps!

Everyone that isn’t that good in some genre like this one, should be 100 times better in other ones… since you produce for a lot of time. Chase your own personal favorite style of music! :smiley:
Good luck man

Also mastering could be brighter, more life-clarity-highs ! But maybe some synths - strings - pads should be brighter, instead of bright master… lol! Good luck! Please remove those toms!

thank you so much pandocrator, you are an absolute legend, thank you tons,
and yes i wasnt sure about the toms from the beginning i didnt like them either but i thought they added something to the track but i think i will delete them, for the ending i notice it , i just forget to extend it a little bit, + for mastering i will take an ozone course and learn more about it
thank you so much you helped me a lot , ive learn so much in this post :slight_smile:

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Its good to have mastering - mixing tutorials or courses… but in the end, what matters is your ears and listening environment. I recommend Sonarworks Reference and some headphones that it supports, which calibrates the sound so you really listen to the real sound. Reference Headphone Edition has some profiles for many studio headphones, also there is the microphone and speakers edition where you get the microphone and you calibrate your speakers… the listening environment is more important than ANYTHING! If you can do it, I would get calibrated headphones from sonarworks itself, they have some, and sometimes they do some sales! Keep that in mind. In home studios many people have problems with acoustics, and therefore they don’t listen to accurate sound. This is very important to hear 100% correct stuff. Good luck!

i see, so do you recommend mixing with both monitors and headphones , or only monitors ?
i will save to get sonarworks headphones edition when its on sales, thank you for that

Monitors are harder to control since acoustical room problems might occur, but headphones are more reliable, but they do have their cons and pros. Also, if you are a “bass person” you should invest in some bass heavy headphones. Headphones are not good for stereo image but they are good for volume and EQ. Monitors are good fore stereo (it also depends on your placement) but if acoustic room problems are there, are harder to rely on. So no, I say test your song at every possible listening enviroment, even monophonic speakers and phones, but for most clarity are calibrated headphones.

Also, I sent my headphones (DT 880 pro) to Sonarworks for calibration, it cost 140 Euros I think, plus shipping, but it really gives you certainty that you can trust! A real investment if not THE investment! But sometimes they have better offers and sales than buying your own headphones and sending those to them!

i just bought new monitors, i will start saving for headphones calibration. so now to simplify it, when it comes to EQ and Volume i should do it using my headphones and when it comes to image and stereo i should use monitors, and after finish in, i should test it in different devices right ?

A real advice from 20 years experience. Thats kind of right BUT most important is to trust your ears!

When you do those tests ( on car, phones etc) you will learn how to listen and identify problems in the sound while you test them. Headphones are like the microscope for sound, of-course you hear much more details! And then overall you will be more experienced person in sound! You will know what you hear even with bad speakers!

Most important is to trust yourself after all, and produce nice songs! lol! :smiley: Its tricky but you can do it! Composing on your own is hard, it needs 1: composition skills 2:mixing 3:mastering 4: creativity 5: experience :know how to etc, its a hard field! but don’t give up! Good luck! and keep it up

thank you so muuuch man. i do really appreciate your time and advises. best of luck

Hello everyone. Thank you for sharing this with us, I find it really interesting! However I have a question to ask you in private message if it is possible. Thank you for your return

Me or Pandocrator ?