I need feedback my illustrator by music


Thank you so much.


hi Jeri
this is globally better , though the shirt area is poking quite irrealitic at the moment due to the lack of adequate shadowing … and those that are not missing, u have put them but they look far from being realistic enough indeed
for me u also have a real issue with hands and mails this part is not aesthetic and is disharmonious compare to the rest of what u have done. i also tend to believe that adding a shadow under the girl would be a cool plus in terms or realism and aesthetics as well

Thank you so much, I will fix some and submit graphicriver regards.


now yes? or yet not?

In my opinion this is far from what a vector illustration should be.

  • Anatomy is off
  • Highlights and shadows are arbitrary.
  • Colors are not pop
  • Selling potential is very low unless you create a series of similar illustrations

Check this one


Also check GTA 5 illustrations for references and see how the light and shadow should be



yes and not yet lol
indeed, the shadowing is sort of looking way better in a general way, though there are some “holes in the racket” . The breast area is having no shadow and it looks strange. U should also try to add shadow on the head and under the headphones. The belly button should be fulfilled too

well i understand what u are saying but , let’s face it , this one is a high standard one and i am not sure that Jeri has the required skills to make such a creation at this stage. In addition, if this one u are showing is great, maybe there could be space for a very different style indeed

@n2n44 I believe she can do high standard illustrations also. All she needs is take it step by step, DO NOT RUSH, pay attention to every detail and see allot of references.

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Your design is very nice but I have bad idea sorry, I try new design like as your design :).

Thank you for your best advices :slight_smile:


i never said the opposite, buddy … but the thing is that Jeri , is very often rushing a lot to get the job done, when i definitely believe that she must take her time to get into deeper details and to make sure that quality is as ultimate as it could be , which, obviously takes much time …

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Yes, I have more time more learning :slight_smile: but my creative is bad idea sorry.

@n2n44 @DesignSomething

Why you rush??? Much better but the shadow is still unnatural.

because I love working my design :slight_smile: I will make again with shadow my illustrator

Loving your work is perfect but you will not learn if you work in hurry and pay attention to every every detail. If you do this just for hobby it’s perfect but if you want to sell it you need allot more effort.

At this stage this illustration will be rejected 100%. But can be improved allot

Take a brake few hours / a day. Read this thread step by step and try to understand what can you do to improve this illustration to the next level. Print the illustration and try to draw the details by hand.

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I am learning designs illustrator, I try make other illustrator as creative (like your design).

Thank you so much, regards.

sorry but all u changed made the thing really horrible … i see no improvement, only deteriorated things … the color hair is looking super strange , the color of the circle was better before and u are losing in terms of depths with this one, in addition, , notes were more realistic and more aesthetic too … i do not know why u rushed to do this and not to fix what u were told , Jeri …

the problem is that Jeri improved but she is still experiencing problems with english language …