I need feedback for my track!

Hi guys,

I am trying to make a simple soundtrack so that I can master my mixing skills. What do you guys think about the quality? Any feedback will be appreciated.

Here’s the link of the soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/sude-engin/bitter-end-original-soundtrack

Thanks in advance.

The idea sounds nice, i like it. I think you could keep till 0:47 and repeat that part, maybe playing some higher notes, maybe with some little variation in chords, maybe including some strings (cello?). I think this is what works here.
You could include this version as an extra, but maybe not as the main version.
Try something like that.

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What do you think about the quality? I am trying to improve my mixing skills or arrangement you can say. That’s why I wanted to create something simple so that I can work on it in filter-wise.

I think that is perfect.

PS; Well, trying to find errors, those notes at 1:06 sounds a little bit strange. I wouldnt do it two times, play them just one, try them with powerchords. I don´t how to explain it in english. I hope you can understand it.

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Agree that it sounds a bit off at 1:06. Real nice flow before and after, but that spot right there feels kind of disruptive.

Mixing-wise… There is some amount of background hiss… that’s certainly acceptable to a degree, and often an artifact of some recording technology, but it seems like the hiss-to-music ratio is a little off. :slight_smile: I think if you could turn up the level of the piano, that would be better – it would more overpower the hissing noise, and would generally be more comparable in level to other tracks.

Otherwise, musically, I think it’s great. This could absolutely be a fine musical cue for a production. Would AudioJungle accept it? Hard to say. I can imagine they would prefer something fuller – as suggested, perhaps adding some strings, even if only for part of the track.

Thank you for the feedback. I will work on that hissing sound.

The main purpose when I first started this project was to have the first part (until 0:47) and then add some strings just like @Manriquedelara said :blush:. Last time I worked something like that I got rejected from Audiojungle due to quality reasons that’s why I want to improve the mixing skills of mine before I work on the rest of the project. So it is actually a good thing for you guys to realize that this wasn’t actually what I had in my in terms of composing :smile: .

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