I need feedback for my item rejection. I want to correct my error.

I send my business card for review, but for some reason I got rejected. Is there any one can help me to correct my error.

If you want feedback you need to share the preview image here



The front looks ok, although it’s odd not to match colors in different locations

The bigger problems are with the back:

  • the contact info is very small and hard to read
  • the icons are too close together
  • I don’t really get the spacing of the contact info and name - is this positioned using a grid?

Thanks for giving me response.

As for the 3rd point, I didn’t use grid for position.

From where should I use proper guidelines for my items?

Thanks in advance.

You can look at this, but there’s no written guidelines - this is one of the toughest and most crowded categories on all of the marketplaces.

There is a (very false) assumption that because it is smaller and simpler than other options, then it will be easier, but in actual fact that it is completely the opposite and means there is more competition and the design has to be flawless.

If you are going to position elements in unusual locations (like on your one, then there has to be a design logic and harmony to doing that - not just parking features ‘roughly where they look right’

Thanks for your valuable suggestions.
I’ll keep that in my mind for my next item.

hi this is too simple, too flat, there is basically no graphic design, there is no concept as well too The commercial potential is very low to say the least as the card is limited to a ew small icons, a logo want to be replaced and a few lines of texts that would need t be edited … n other words, people could be wandering why they would buy this item as not saving time, that could redo it very quickly and easily and without having ethereal skills to say the least. In addition, there is a clear misbalanced between the different areas. The white space is not determined properly. There are spacing and alignment issues. U are on the verge of violating a basic design principle, contrast … which makes that the readability of the clear green part is far from being extraordinary. The logo is misplaced as regard to the z-shape reading process and impact zones resulting from it. Top and bottom margins between margins and contents are not the same hence a part of the misbalance. The logo side is basically a white sheet for the buyer as there is only a logo meant to be replaced and there is nothing at all otherwise. In short why having two sides if there is nothing like this in one of these 2 … finally the icons are placed too close from the left margin and not sure that the thing is not going to get cut (trimline) and the data is written way too small … pls keep in mind that the purpose of business card is to get people personal information … if they are not seen this amounts to saying that the concerned business card is useless …