I need feedback for a WordPress theme

I need a bit of feedback on one of my themes, Noir UI. Here’s the official demo - https://getbutterfly.com/demo/wordpress/

I am mostly interested in typography feedback, whitespace feedback and responsiveness.

Thank you!


I think the boxed layout feels squashed, the whole thing feels quite squashed to me really.

Squashed as in? Should it be full width? Should the 5 boxes at the top be full width?

I’ll give more detail on my answer, hope it helps!

Starting with the navigation, it feels squashed because the ‘thing with three dots’ where you click on it and it expands the hidden sidebar thing… it is squashed because it is in not logical place that makes any design sense. It is just stuck there and feels broken / wrong.

Portfolio section / grid… very squashed. If you have a portfolio grid… use the full width on a desktop / laptop. If on mobile device then obviously make use ofthe full width but make it space out nicely horizontally.

Go here: https://hackdesign.org/

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Hi Matt! I see you edited your post, but I still got the initial one via email.

No worries, this is actually very constructive, and I will try to implement all your ideas before asking for feedback again. The dark theme is something coming from an old site of ours, CGHubs, which worked perfectly using a dark colour scheme. It’s been dark (but configurable via Customizer) forever. Maybe it’s time to change it to a light scheme.

The images are uploaded by users, as it’s a demo site for ImagePress, but I will try to add more consistent images and moderate user submitted ones.

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It would be good to hear how the theme come along. Please let me know if you want any more feedback… It would be helpful to me if you could provide feedback to some of my designs in the future.

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Sure Matt,

I’ll work on it this weekend, and hopefully publish it next Monday. I’ll keep you posted.

Sounds great, hope you have a great weekend and hope all goes well. Matt

you need some academic classes of design principles.

Do elaborate.