I need feedback before submitting for review.

hi the blended picture under the text name it very difficult to read and what is the point about having the text not really visible? plus, the lower part texts are very compact , this also makes it hard to read and make it very unattractive so that people get into deeper details. The very compact side of it is not only having a negative impact on readability but also on aesthetic , this is not breathing and the this does not look good , to be honest. It makes very little sense to have the most important parts of text to be in orange color, in other words , in a color contrasting less with the background and why makes the black part - so the less important one - spring out more. The information part is not much valued , as regard to lack of contrast , size and things like this. The footer organisation is trouble making, too, inso far as this end up making u break a basic design principle, namely: alignment, which once again has a negative impact on the way the design looks. One more time, the fake logo is very basic and rather tends to flatten the design more than taking it to the next level, which is not so much of a good idea, as the preview is the interface between u and the reviewer and potential buyers afterwards. Finally , the global style / organisation looks very similar to the one of lots of existing items


Where? I’m having a hard time finding what you’re talking about.

the part with the cityscape under the black of texts and icons

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Now Okay