I need feedback, before submition logo. Please help me.

I designed this logo with the letter Q for information, digital and computer companies. Please tell me your comments, suggestions and criticisms to fix and correct them. Thank you very much in advance for your time and help.

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hi well there is something a bit interesting with this one, though , indeed ,there are things to fix in my view. First of all, there could be a better connection between illustration and text parts. Then, the imbrication of the concerned of both part is not the appropriate one at the stage, and besides , not only is there something to fix about the positioning , but not only as the proportion of text and illustration needs to be changed. At the moment , the fact of the matter is that the illustration is really prevailing too much over the text part and that u need to increase the name and tagline, this is the bottom line …
also , if the typo is clean this is also looking rather flat and a bit lifeless - this is why this is not completely a connected item that u have right now, both parts being a bit different so to speak - and it would take u to introduce more variations, , font combos and touches of originality so that u can gain relief and have a more interesting text part in the process …

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Did it get better?

what is the difference? lol