I need Developer for PSD TO html

i need developer who is interesed for partnership

im Designer
i need developer to convert my psd to html

Dear edogbeatz31;

I am web developer.
I will interesting to psd to html.
Psd to html change time is 2week. ( Bootstrap template )

Botstrap template

you want direct pay
im interesed for partnership

Time is 2weeks.
Price is 150 usd.
1 revision.
You will interest to psd format sent to my email. ( tharlainmar.ath@gmail.com )
I will interested for partnership.
How can i do?

If your PSD approved by TF then I will do the HTML on partnership.

my skype: nasir-2525

not approved and i didnt uploaded bcs they allways reject my stuf

Interested as well.

Contact me on gmail pls


hi, i have lot of approved psd to html items in TF. so you can contact with me for this. my skype id: aftabzaman1. i am looking for a designer partner.

sure I would like to be your partner for psd to html if the psd is approved…

SKYPE: themedune
Email: support@jkthemes.com

Im just waiting for approval

I am interested. I think you already submit the PSD in TF and Waiting for Approval. I hope you will get good news ASAP. In the mean time can talk.

Skype: limon_eitech
Mail: limon@enhancedgroupbd.com

Thanks In Advance
Limon Latif

Hello, 50/50%
7 years experience psd to html
skype:murren8 (with out dot in end)