I need Dashboard Software same as cyfe.com or klipfolio.com

Friends, I am looking for a script, clone, software or whatever which can give me the same features as cyfe.com or klipfolio.com
I want to host a script like cyfe.com or klipfolio.com on my domain and then allow users to signup and track their business activities, grapash, benefits, lose etc.

Appreciate if you can guide me if there is any peace of software or code available.

Hope to hear back from you guys.


Hey there. There quite a few matches on ThemeForest if your search for Dashboard and I see a few that match your request. Check them out.

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Bear in mind if people are going to need to subscribe/pay to use your site to create their dashboards then you must purchase the extended license which is often considerably more than the regular one


Thanks for the reply, I checked those templates there but I’m think can allow my users to track their business growth, in charts, etc ? Because I want to have a business dashboard site where users can signup and then they can track their business activities on one single platform.

The dashboards linked by @Enabled above will help create a framework or personal dashboard (with the right set up and configuration) but they are not intended to create an off the shelf platform like Cyfe etc.

There is a reason why those platforms charge a subscription etc. What goes on behind the scenes is very complex and requires a great deal of configuration and management.

If it was a case of being able to buy this type of setup as stock then there would be thousands of the same type of business.

If you really want to create a business like Cyfe then I’d suggest looking for a freelancer on www.studio.envato.com who can help expand and build on a dashboard template and add all the extended functionality needed like profile management, simplified connection of channels and accounts, and so on.

Bear in mind this will not be a quick or cheap job.