I need check my template before submit themeforest html

Hi to all:

Please help me check my template HTML before submit themeforest.

demo: http://demo1.jerithemes.com/isamedic/

Thanks, Regards.

navigation bar on right side search field have a outline it’s not look good there is no space


I dont understand u, please again explain thanks.

Look the screenshot you will understand what i want to say.
Outline comes when i focus on search field

Many thanks :slight_smile:

I more thing i just notices, Arrow is not vertical align (Middle of the box)


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Background images are stretched on mobile

Feels a bit forced - I have rarely seen a medical website that has pricing tables or galleries.

You are far from alone in this, I just don’t get why reviewers don’t call out some files for just altering some images and titles and making it another category. To me if a file is for cars, doctors, agencies or pets then the functionality and features should reflect that. Aside from it being more professional it adds a ton of value and sale potential in uniqueness.

Please upload here images because i not understand that I need fix it, regards.

Blogs don’t link anywhere - you need to add posts

Then: images stretched in background

Empty space below staff images

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Many thanks, I will lfix and upload, regards.