I need Best Videohive products for Vloggers

Hello envato team.

I want to get top 10 best videohive products for YouTube vlogger.
Can you please provide the best video editing, templates and transitions for specifically vloggers.

Thanks in Advance.
Happy New Year 2020.


I’ll be happy to help you


  1. 745+ elements, 4K Ultra HD
  2. 2000+, seamless Transitions Pack
  3. Transitions Presets Pack, 4K Ultra HD, 1920x1080
  4. 3500+ Transitions,4K Ultra HD
  5. 600+ Transitions

YouTuber packs

  1. 15+ elements
  2. 148+ elements
  3. 10+ elements
  4. 150+ elements
  5. Full HD 1920×1080


Maybe you ll need color grading presets for Adobe Premiere: