I need Audio Jungle Rejection advice - please help


I’m trying to understand how I can get better, but “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard~~~~~~” is not helping much.
Any help from you guys would be much appreciated, thank you!



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Wow if Envato is rejecting high quality, interesting, original tracks like these then no wonder they are getting surpassed by their competitors.


Thank you for your opinion.

The Japanese service(audio stock) doesn’t fail, but audio jungle is too difficult. …
Only one track has passed here yet, but I will try again next time!

Thank you very match.

@KazunoriKobayashi I really have no clue, why the have rejected your files. Especially your Cyberpunk item is well played, versatile and has a powerful mix. It’s very seldum, that we have the case, that high quality tracks get rejected and there seems to be nor reason for.
Keep up your good work.

Both the tracks are so well made. I really don’t understand why a reviewer would reject these tracks… unless…
Dark Fantasy gives me the feel of playing AOE equivalent games of 2021. Could listen to this track all day long. This has a potential of becoming an exclusive soundtrack of a future super hit game. This may be the reason. Both the tracks sound too “Exclusive”.

Yes, both compositions are of high quality and sound great. It is very strange that they refused, perhaps the reasons for the refusal are the loading rules.

Hello everyone!
My opinion is this: the balance of frequencies is not tuned in both tracks. In the “Dark_Fantasy” track, you can adjust the frequency balance with the equalizer at the mastering stage, but for the “CYBERPUNK_Vampire” track, you will need to work with the equalization of individual instrument tracks at the mixing stage. In this video I have shown where the problems are for KzArtStorage.
Unfortunately, I am not a native speaker of English and I apologize for my ignorance.

hello, in my opinion in cyberpunk I find the dubstep bass a little too compressed, with an imbalance with the whole. otherwise it’s a good job.
for dark fantasy, it’s very GOT, I like it, but the theme of the beginning on the cello is too laid back, be careful even if your intention is to give a natural side the tempo must be respected.
But all this is only my opinion, I am a musician, not a sound engineer.

I wish I was able to make tracks like these, one day. Curator must be deaf :wink: unless key issue is lack of ukulele lol. Great tracks mate, keep it up.

Strong work IMHO. In terms of sound quality and idea. Really enjoyed listening both.

In dark Fantasy, I would say the solo strings need better programing to sound more natural. It seems you have the same sample playing three times in the same line at the beginning. Avoid this (sample repetition) because it makes it sounds fake. Notes need to be better attached in lines and on tempo. It’s not far from it but a bit rough at some places.

On the mix side for both songs (in particular Cyberpunk), I would make each element more of their own place to peak in the spectrum to make the mix cleaner and more open. They are peaking too much at the same place in the mids. Put something more in the the low mids, something more in the 800-1600 hz range, something more in the 2000-4000 range (by example) etc. Often mid and hi range instruments lack definition (hi mid, treble).

Your are great composer and arranger for sure! It lacks a bit of the the final mix/mastering polish open/clean sound.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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