I need an UI UX designer

I need to an UI UX designer for Figma design for themeforest, I’ll pay 100$ for approval

If you’re looking for an approval guarantee design, why don’t you think the author creates the item and sells it on his/her account instead of agreeing for 100$?

I not can help you for create figma for my time but you need learning more how to create to figma (many videos free like youtube) for you can create figma and upload here forum we can help you give you our feedback or if not you understand tutorials than you can upload other category in themeforest or graphicriver or videohive or audiojungle or codecanyon


Tell me, how much should I pay?

200$ good?

If you plan to be able to convert it into other formats then several thousands of $ is typical to buy out design rights.

This whole approach doesn’t work though ….

Only way to guarantee approval is for the designer to submit the item after which they cannot transfer it to you.

The better option is to buy the rights or collaborate/create already approved designs (bear in mind that this does not guarantee that the same design in a different format would be approved).

Again buying right swill be thousands of $ so partnering and sharing profits is much better.