I need an answer from Envato Quality team

Hello dear community! Today I receive another one hard reject and still don’t understand - why? What happened? Is it true, that I have an anemy in Envato Reviewers team? In my hometown, one orchestra, wanna play this track live…but on AJ - hard rejected…I know, I know…some music is not for market…But I have 1000+ sales on my private account on AJ, and I know, which music is “commercial”…Tell me, guys…am I wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycrisT4GjZI

p.s. Still waiting answer from Envato Quality team.

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Great track. Worthy of the main theme in the film, but its structure does not “commercial”. long transitions between"parties". elements of the “hybrid” is not mestniye, I neponravilos the effect of “monipulyatsii with the volume.” As you said yourself, it should be performed on stage.