I need advice what can be made both fast and pro

Hi! I work full-time and I have very little free time. I need your advice which kind of design could be made fast and still to be pro. I mean - logo, business card, flyer, background, PS action, LR preset etc., so I to improve myself in making exactly this kind of design. TIA!

I can almost guarantee that making a business card or logo or flyer and focusing on ‘fast’ or ‘quick win’ approach will end in rejection.

Those are basically the most competitive categories on the marketplace.

Success here takes investment in time, skillset and resource. It’s not a place for overnight wins


hi i highly recommend that u do not do “fast” , most of markets are very saturated right now and this basically means that u both need to bring good things and original ones in the meanwhile, in other words, doing just this “fast” looks pretty ambitious in my view, as good job always take time …

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This sounds like: How to make some quick money? Buy a printer and print money. It is not legal but it’s fast.

I didn’t mean just fast but the design which is fastest from all pro designs. I didn’t asked well, I’m not native English speaker. I know, for example, that fonts take much time. I meant which design takes less time than the others.

I didn’t mean any of that.

Flyers seem more complicate, I’d prefer business cards and logos.

I know fast and pro are not compatible, I wrote my question wrong. I meant which pro design usually takes shortest time. I listened on TV one of the best local (Cyrillic) font maker who said a font could be made even one year. I was like :roll_eyes::grimacing::dizzy_face::flushed:

LOL i guess u can realize that this is very difficult to answer this question as , in most cases , the “fastest” thing for u to create is more likely to be the one that u feel the most comfortable with …

I’d rather do what I have time for than what I like. I like fonts most but I doubt I’ll ever try. But I agree that “fast” is a bit subjective term.

Show us few samples of your work. I mean what you worked in the past not related with marketplaces.

It depends purely on your skill. Someone can create fantastic logo in few hours. Someone won’t make it in a week. Do what you enjoy to do and you will master it much faster. But if you are not already a professional designer, then do not expect to make much, or even any money here sooner then after several months of practice. However, if your main motivation is money, then I wouldn’t even bother. You came way too late to the party. On the other hand, if you mainly just plan to improve your skills, then getting your items here is definitely a good challenge to give yourself. Good luck!

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It kind of sounds like you don’t have any current skill in any of the categories, if that’s the case, then you aren’t really ready for a marketplace like this. Ideally, you should only attempt to sell items on a marketplace after you’ve had enough time and practice doing something and feel comfortable with it. You mentioned that you like fonts, but have you ever designed fonts before?

To start off, do something that you have experience with, and then try to branch out to other categories.

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i think that u are right indeed, a lot of people fail to realize where they really are and see this place as a get-rich-quick place when this is the the way around in a way , here this is where the big dogs play, most of the marketplaces are saturated and it takes a lot of time, effort and work to develop a portfolio and a profitable account … people really have to “earn their medals” so that they are rewarded in a long run … as for me , i kind of understand what she is expecting for as this is difficult to run a marketplace when u are not a full timer , though she has to realize that there are no magic wands or magic spells and that tears, sweat and blood come first and then the rest may come in time …

OK, I see I shouldn’t ask. Just FYI exactly Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel spreads video courses about “how to make professional logos in an instant”. As I said, I’m not native English speaker but still I know that “fast” and “in instant” mean similar things.

Almost any video course promises that it will make you a professional fast. That is just a marketing. You can’t take that overly seriously. You WON’T become a professional after doing just one course. You need many and many hours of practice. A course can give you some solid basics you can build upon, but it is just a start. And I am not talking just about designing logos, I mean this applies to all skills in general.

You are free to ask anything here. Your question just seemed overly naive so that’s why you are getting responses you are getting. This marketplace is not a place where to earn money fast, not at all. You will need a LOT of dedication to succeed here. Even making some small side money here nowadays requires solid experience. If you are really just starting with the design, then I would say forget about this marketplace until you gain some experience doing client work, otherwise you will just become frustrated. You can’t realistically expect to compete with the people who have thousands of hours of experience under their belt.


Interestingly while there are some very valid and useful technical points on that video, which are excellently explained, none of the examples would be approved as they are!

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Have I ever mentioned money? Why then I got responses about money-making? I want to become a PRO but I I’m a full-time worker at the same time. Money is a natural continuation of becoming pro.

I know my question is a bit naive, I’m 45 after all. But also the responds above about “old dogs and sharks and newbies having no chances” are not much kind.

Haha, and this is Envato video tutorial!

It’s technically a very well presented video and full of relevant and useful pointers but as per @LSVRthemes point, approval and certainly success takes time - even mroe than 35 minutes…