I Need a UI/UX Designer

I want approval for the figma design on themeforest but I can’t design even though I can pay 60$ for two unique landing pages with 30% per sale but remember I will pay after approved your design.

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You’d need to be offering at least several hundred if not thousands of $ per design to make this worthwhile to any designer.

Otherwise they will earn far more by submitting it themselves


I increased the amount.
Now I will pay 60% per sale or you can tell me.

So you pay your $60 and then you get 40% of sales for doing what?

A designer could submit it themselves and make the $60 from far less than 10 sales and then keep 100% of all future earnings.

It just does not make sense.

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I said (or you can tell me).
60$ for first time I pay, it will be increased.
Figma Design sale is low but I will pay more.


With respect you are missing the point:

  1. Most people who sell the rights to designs/partner with another author would be looking for thousands of $ compensation for a design

  2. A partnership involves the other party bringing something to the relationship not just selling a design on their profile

  3. What you are offering is actually quite offensive. It deeply under-values the other designer’s ability, especially given that your own designs do not make the standard.

Any designer can easily and quickly earn far more than what you are doing by submitting their design in their own profiles - what value, reason, or benefit is there for anyone partnering?

You not understand me

I want just a new designer than I can convert into wp.

Now tell which one is more sale Figma or wp theme?

Of course WP themes sell more but what you need to understand is -

If the design already exists on the marketplace then you have to have an extended (much more expensive) license to be allowed to convert it

Designers usually want outright compensation to be allowed to convert their design (hundreds if not thousands of $), if not asking for both initial payment AND a % of sales

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The design upload my profile so I can anything.
And please fast reply

Am I right?

If you own the right to the design and it’s in your acount in all formats then you can do what you want but it is irrelevant - if you are not going to be able to offer several hundred $ , if not more, up front and as an absolute minimum to a designer then you are not going to be able to do this.

I said I need a new designer, you can see on top.

It’s new business between me and someone who is a new designer.

A new business has very limited resources and it will grow up.

Am I right?

Personally I doubt it, but you can only try.

Designers willing to take deals like this are not going to be producing the best or most unique designs

You are still going to have to compensate the designer to upload their design to your account before converting it

Don’t under-estimate the time and complexity of converting a design to WP successfully and to the standards for here

It’s my problems, I can manage

I’m curious, I see that you have 0 sales on themeforest and the Exclusive Author badge, how did you get that badge if you don’t have items on Envato? :thinking:

Reply to webwajid25

A long time ago I became an author but never got around to submitting items as I quickly worked as part of a team which published via another account.


I know, my question was for webwajid25, I don’t know why the reply mentioned you.

I hope you have got the answer