I need a template like...

Hello Im looking for a template like www.giant-bicycles.com

Could someone explain to me what kind of cms is using this site and if you know any template that can be the same

Thank you very much!

It’s not CMS, custom made website and not sure if similar theme/template exists here

But they have news, related products, compare products, etc, its really similar to a cms content I can’t believe this it’s all custom made

You need to provide full link . When you open main link you have option to go on plenty other country sites.

Thanks for your help!

They are use some CMS but is it some custom CMS just for Giant I don’t know.
There is very small possibility that you will find such an out-of-box template.
But If you want I can make such site it all depends from your budget.


You can easily use WP and a theme for that, there’s no particular functionality that needs more attention from what I can see.

Have a look at our Showoff theme, it has some similar functions.



I found they are using magento.

Can somebody recognize the theme or some like them

Given that they are one of the biggest bicycle manufactures in the world I highly doubt they use a template site.

I’m 95% sure that its a custom build potentially with some very clever stuff going on behind the scenes.

Your best option is one of the above providers to custom create a solution.

Good luck

Hi, i think you can make it on joomla with virturmart and some customs.

Example our theme juster
Best regards

Oh man! Check my theme, very similar style & features :smiley:

In our opinion it doesn’t look like CMS if you are looking for site template with 100% similar design you can inbox us with your offer thanks!

Its Magento!
Some Magento expert?