I need a shopping cart system with no Javascript.

I am looking to purchase several licenses.

I need a good working shopping cart that uses no JavaScript.

Please Post a link to your codecanyon product if you are selling one or know about one. Thanks!

Admin can have java but not front end.

Not sure how this forum works but if anyone knows about my request please let me know.

Even if it does not look great I can handle the looks part.

Admin can have java but not front end.

It’s not possible without script

This is what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


Sure it is, you can definitely build a shopping cart system with pure HTML, CSS, and PHP (or another server-side language of choice). :smiley:

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Are you looking for a standalone item or perhaps a plugin of some kind?

Keep in mind that if you have a shopping cart with no front-end JavaScript, this means you’ll need to integrate it into your website on the server-side. In other words, if you’re not using a CMS such as WordPress, you’ll need to do some manual programming. Are you prepared for that?

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I am ok with manually installing anything that I need to server side.

Can you point one extension/script at CC?