I need a plugin to create iOS and Android app with filterable Google Map

Hello. I’m hoping this is a fairly simple question but fear it may not be! Here goes…

I’m building a WP-powered website for a client that requires a filterable and searchable Google map (fairly large, over 250 markers).

All good so far, but here’s where I am struggling. My client requires an iOS and Android app for the project too. How simple is it using plugins to create such an app? My main concern is that looking through the Codecanyon apps, I’m not sure if the filterable map plugin I’m using will work on them, and that’s the whole point of having a native app.

Any advice gratefully received.

Thanks loads.

Andy W

Hey Andy. From my experience with mobile items ( I sell them ) I can guarantee that you can code any HTML, CSS, JS item to a native app using PhoneGap or Cordova ( it’s advertised on their pages ) and from my customers experiences I can tell you that they don’t struggle with these things. If you find a proper plugin that suits your needs you can code it using PhoneGap or Cordova. Cheers!