I need a jollyness theme that works in wordpress

Hi I purchased this yesterday but although I was told it would work for Wordpress, it does not…http://themeforest.net/item/jollyness-multi-purpose-html5-website-template/7229810 so can anyone tell me if there is there an analogous one that is designed for Wordpress? Thanks so much!!

It’s an HTML template and will not work on WordPress, they have a Joomla version and Drupal version but no WordPress version.

Would either of those work for WP? I don’t think so but just was wondering…apparently, the WP version of this theme was made by an author who is no longer on the scene for whatever reasons.
Do you think either of those might work for WP? Thanks so much!!

the author said 28 days ago they are looking at releasing a WP version so might be worth emailing them to get an eta for it… If they can’t get it soon enough then any decent dev should be able to code it to WP for you…

Unfortunately the Joomla and Drupal versions won’t work with WP as they are fundamentally different systems

Hey Gareth Thank you VERY much. This is the best news I have heard all day…Do you know who the author is and how I might get in touch with him/her? Thanks and I rally appreciate it,

go to the url you posted in the first post and the author information is in the right hand column, click their name and there is a form to send them an email. Most authors will reply within 48 hours.

hey Gareth…yea sorry I have only been able to find a generic contact form. On right had column, I see an orange icon (unclickable) that says “elite author” just below grey bar for “buy now”.
I might not be seeing what you are seeing? Anyway thanks again I owe you a beer…


We are developing the Wordpress version of Jollyness. You can follow us on Themeforest and will be notified when it is released. We plan to finish it in a month. But one should take into account the review time on Themeforest too, as recently it became longer than before.

Hey do you have a twitter account? Also WP is doing a major change in December, do you expect your new theme to work when they do?

Yep https://twitter.com/Crumina
Of course ! Our all themes are compatible with latest version of WP.

Thanks so much and I will look for your announcement on twitter!

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