I need a Ho urgently!

Not that kind of HOE but a Santa’s Ho for a track - can anyone in the SFX department help?

I could serve with a “Ho Ho Ho” sample like in this track at the beginning

Do you have the WAV file or MP3 that you could send to me?

Yes, whats your mail

[unlockdesign edit] you are not able to share your contact information here.
due to maintain envato forum relues

[AurusAudio edit] Hi Graham, unlockdesign is correct. Sharing emails on public is risky, if nothing else. I would just use the personal message section to exchange contact info :slight_smile:

wow that was a fast answer!! :slight_smile: (showing that maybe I should stop being polite, using “hello”, “please” and “thanks”, as they don’t seem necessary… I guess I am a bit too old school :slight_smile: )

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Are you having love and marriage problems Graham? Baba ji lOvE pRoBLem marriage solution for only $49.99. Enquire now. +91-2345678


No, it’s definitely never too old school to be polite and to say a simple “thank you” if someone does you a favor. :slight_smile: But this is apparently no longer self-evident nowadays…

I am triggered by the implicit misogyny in the title of this thread.

I need a Safe Space urgently!


Exactly the email he will get if his email was still there :rofl:

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Good times.

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I found my Ho - traffikked all the way from Germany, thanks to @FOXYAudio. Here is what all the fuss was about,

I always like to see in the New Year with a bang. Now that’s misogyny.



Happy Mishogmanay :wink:


@simaudio :rofl:

@gballx Nice! It fits in there a treat! :wink:

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I would be very happy with Miss Hogmanay - is she from Germany as well - I did not see her in this year’s catalogue.

Scottish edition :wink: