I need a good Networking System Theme to use for developing networking website


Is anyone that can help me with Networking Theme to use it and develop a networking site for my Business, HOME AFFAIR METRICS

I came up with networking marketing where one person will register to help a less privileged go back to school, by introducing four people under him or her and earn money at first level, and continue making money while they also introduce people etc.

This need to work by referring someone, four people. Therefore, the details for the theme site I am looking at should content the following:

  1. Registration portal {Name, Phone, Address, bank Account details, PIN, referral name, phone number, bank account details, referral PIN}

  2. Payment portal {Your lifeline, deposit, withdrawal, etc }

  3. Automatic crediting of benefit into members account {introduce 4, receive 500 each as they paid, 4 introduce 16, receive 10% each from the 16 people as they paid, receive 9% each from what 16 people introduce, etc till it reaches 3%}. The transfer should enable up to 5 bank account for transferring

  4. Metrics should be able to indicate one’s level or step

  5. There should be a choice a member to choose from the METRICS we have {Metric 1 - 1,000; Metric 2 - 3,000 and Metric 3 - 5,000}

  6. Uplines page to see all their downlines, their Payment etc

  7. Admin page to manage every member details and transaction

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You won’t find anything with that level of complexity on a stock marketplace - this would be tens of thousands of $ to build properly, let alone the costs of the necessary hosting and security you will need to manage that type of personal data being passed around

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