I need a food product WordPress theme like this...

Hello guys! So I need some help… I’m trying to launch a website to promote a brittle-making company soon, and I need the website’s layout/style to look like the following preferred examples below:

I believe you get the idea… I tried looking around on ThemeForest but I didn’t find one that made me go “Aha!”, if you know what I mean… Do you have a WordPress theme, or do you know of any WordPress theme that closely matches the sites I’ve shared? The look and feel really matters…

I’ll keep looking on ThemeForest while waiting for your answers, guys.


These seem to all be WP themes - you could almost certainly generate the functionality and layouts of just about any of them (a few features may need some custom work) using one of the multi purpose themes assuming you spend the time working up the design, styling and branding.

None of them are especially complex themes - they just use individual and strong creative assets which is what makes them feel different from what you find here

Good point there, Charlie. I’ll take that. And if you don’t mind me asking… do you have a particular multipurpose theme you’d recommend? I can actually do the search myself from here on, but since you’re here, why not get a recommendation :slight_smile:

It’s tough to say for sure without knowing the exact designs and functionality that you need (you may well find that some themes have some cool unique features that you then decide to add to your site once you get going).

Do you need commerce?

Purely based on great themes and authors:

Foundry is one of my all time favorites and the author is one of the best on envato

Werkstatt is very creative based but you could actually do osmehting very clever with some of the layouts. Again a great author.

Fildisi is a nice item

The likes of Salient, Jupiter, Enfold, Bridge and of course Avada are all epic in their own right but I wonder if you need something that is that versatile?

To me really you need soemhting quite simple but well built so you can focus on the creative execution.

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Thanks, this is so helpful! I don’t need e-commerce functionality on the site now, but we never know far in the future. But yes, I’ll go for something that’s simple yet robust, and build it up from there.

Speaking from experience with their themes I’d look at anything by Tom Rhodes, greatives, or SwiftIdeas, but again this is just a tiny part of the great authors out there.