I need a custom theme developer ASAP

I need a theme build with all the features this [www.gearhungry.com] website has available.

  1. Check this page https://www.gearhungry.com/best-circular-saw/

  2. Check the Home Page https://www.gearhungry.com

  3. Check this page https://www.gearhungry.com/homall-gaming-chair/

  4. Check the category section https://www.gearhungry.com/product-category/gear/

I have sent you the main features, but I need all the features of this website.

Let me know if you are able to do this. Also, need to know the cost of this project.

Inbox me if you are interested


Given the investment you will need to make (thousands of $), I strongly suggest you look on www.studio.envato.com where you will at least have a degree of protection

Thank you, I will check that link

Most importantly, this is certainly not a work for a single developer, but more like an agency or small team job. Unless you want to completely rip-off the design of that site, as that would certainly speed things up (and would probably lead to some legal issues).