I need a a youtube banner made

Hi, I need a youtube banner made for me. Can I add anyones skype or anything to talk more about this? The concept is that I want it clean, attractive and professional. Something mature and creative, and imaginative.

I prefer to co-operate with someone who does these things a lot of the time, so they know what looks best etc. In terms of my own ideas, I am very unimaginative so i’ll need you guys to help me with this completely.

Hello Sam,
write your email or you Skype so you can be directly contacted by designers.

anyway, I do a lot of illustrative banners
search my services on Envato Studio (Manudesign)
or my portfolio on Dribbble (Manu, Manu corsi)
if you want more info, you can also contact me here.

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I can help you.I am skype too. You will get my services on Envato Studio (arnabkumar)


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