I met a customer in person who uses my software 😄 Have you??

At an little event last night I was having a chat with someone.
CodeCanyon came up and he knew what it was. Said he had purchased and uses some items.

Surely not…

Yep! He has been using my CRM to run his whole business (invoicing, customer management, recurring subscriptions, etc…) for the last few years.

I was blown away! haha. Small world.

Another time at the markets we recognised a hand painted graphic on a business card. Looked familiar. Yep it was something we created. Pulled up their website and they were using one of our themes :slight_smile: we bought something off them at the market and told them we designed that theme. They were amazed and couldn’t quite comprehend there was an “ordinary local” behind the design.

What are your “meeting customers” stories?


Wow what a coincidence. I never met any person who uses my software :slight_smile: