I made the most comercial tune ever, but was not enough 😅

Hi everybody

This is my last submission, a piece of piano with some inpiration and motivational taste.
I have been agree every time a track of mine is rejected, I am more into alternative music so I understand the criteria from envato.

But this time I made the most easy-listening track ever, super commercial

So please guys could you tell me what is wrong in this tune?

As I said I am not particularly proud of this one, just not my genre , but I was trully sure they would accept it

Thank you guys!



In my opinion, try to edit it in such way and it will help.

  1. cut an intro with guitars, start from the drums.
  2. change the bass. Personally i would make it straight to the kick drum with a more usual (if its the correct term) sound. Just bass guitar. This kind of sound is too dull. And make it just a bitt quieter.
  3. the sound of the guitar (or what is it? on the third and the sixth note of the bass) try to put it more distant and make it softer.
  4. the piano is great indeed for the commercials, so why not to make it play earlier?
  5. a little less synths in the mid part, or probably make them softer, Less saw-sounding, more like a sine-pad-sounding.
  6. the additional melody after the mid part i would prefer to make with a different sound. And add some delay there, because the single notes sounded a bit empty. Also pan it differrently. To the left, not right where the piano is already sitting.
  7. End it without the guitars, with pianos. This will lead to a bit shorter composition at the end but its fine.

And first of all get a couple day rest from this track, start a new one at that time. This way you’ll have more clear view on it when you come back to this one.

gl & hf

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Melody instrument in the lower middle should be much quieter and be like as a background. in my opinion, and you have it too sticks. You have a beautiful piano party why do the sad trombone (or what is it?).

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Man, you made such rookie mistakes!

  • The title works, but you need to add the keyword “inspiration”.
  • Then you need to open with a reversed piano note.
  • Coldplay style drums… where are they?
  • Ukulele? Did you really think you can well do without?
  • Your hands… make them clap… record that,
  • C/G/A/F are the chords for success.
  • Glockenspiel!

Just kidding… :wink:

It’s a nice track mate, but to make it stand out in the sea of inspirational, motivational and uplifting songs, it really needs to be special and on top of it all.

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The stereo panning effect on the guitar might be too “extreme” for commercial purposes.
There’s too much mid range content in the bass, makes it boomy.
The saw/horn synth is too piercing/intrusive with a lot of mids, try softening it up, maybe even change it to a different pad sound. Or leave the synth out and just use lower chords on the piano.
The bass and the synth is conflicting with each other all the time, find a better balance for them with EQ-ing and proper volumes.
The piano could be more realistic, more hammer noise and reverb, less mid range.

Long story short: clean up the mid range of the mix, I hear a lot of conflict and confusion there.
These are my points, good luck!

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+1 !!!

And dotted delay like U2…

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Thanks a lot for your time, that was really helpfull :wink: