I made my first purchase and then I was locked out

I’m very frustrated that I made my first purchase and it went through on my paypal. I went to my email to confirm and I have been locked out for and hour and cannot get the music. Why would they lock you out right after a purchase.

Hi @msbecky!

It could be frustrating, sorry to hear that you were locked out.
I recommend you to read this article and submit a request here:

Hope it helps!
Best Regards,
Layla from HoneyLoud


Thank you HoneyLoud. Have a great day. I’m just waiting to be unlocked.

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Hi HoneyLoud, I know why I was locked out, it was because my paypal is under a different email. They are aware but it has been 2 hours now. Do you have any idea how long these things take as I have work to do and this is really starting to @$##%% me off.

Hi, @msbecky sorry for the delay. Regrettably, I don’t know how much is the response time but I think if you followed the steps they outlined in the above-mentioned article, they will get you as quick as possible. Maybe they were faster than me. :slight_smile: