I made an accidental purchase 2 times.

Hello, I accidentally purchased the Jupiter X theme twice.


there is a solution just use the following link form to get refund for the duplicate purchase:

Just select ‘I’ve made a duplicate purchase’ in the ‘Tell us more’ field.


Thank You.

Did they actually refund you? Because the same thing happened to me and they made me go through months of filling out forms only to tell me they don’t refund duplicate orders.

I spend hundreds of dollars a year with Envato, and won’t be doing so anymore after this.

Did you actually download both files? The refund policy clearly states that if you haven’t downloaded one of your purchases you are entitled to a refund ( Policy Link and if the author rejects the refund request you can just open a ticket via Envato Market Help and Support and they’ll step in and provide a refund.

No I did not, and since you just called me a liar in the other thread I’ll be replying with the full transcript shortly.

I see no reference of me calling you a liar, so let’s keep it professional and mince with words . The Refund Policy is followed to the letter by Envato Staff ( link ) which clearly states that if you have not downloaded the item you are automatically eligible for a refund.

Therefore, if you haven’t downloaded the item, follow this link -> http://enva.to/Help open a ticket with Envato Help and they’ll approve your refund if the author decided to reject it. Since all refund requests go through the author first, Envato steps in if the terms are not followed. Just submit a ticket and your request will be processed as per the refund terms.

Going out of your way to tell me that what I experienced was not the truth, what THEY sent me as their terms, as if you’re some kind of corporate representative is calling me a liar.

I hope you’re getting paid for this. Really.

No need to get defensive, we’re just here to help out and point you in the right direction. What your screenshots show is that they did provide a refund. Now, reply to that ticket and ask if it’s possible to be refunded to your original payment gateway. And we’re not getting paid .We’re volunteers here to help out! :blush:

You’re literally the person who replied to me defensively on behalf of Envato in the other thread, take your own advice.

The fact that you’re a volunteer is all the more reason why you shouldn’t accuse anyone of not telling the truth about their experience with this company.

Unless you have access to the order system and their internal correspondence with me, don’t defend their actions against actual customers that spend hundreds of dollars a year with this company.

I’m sorry if it came out that way, and it was certainly not the intention.

As mentioned before, I haven’t accused you of anything. So think what you want.

With that being said, the community and us moderators can do nothing to help you with your refund situation. You will have to reply back to the ticket and request more details and a way to be refunded to your original payment system.

Yes you did. I literally provided a screenshot. PLEASE leave me alone and let me resolve my dispute with the actual company and other customers.

Hi @mrmaiko,

From your provided screenshot I can see envato customer support has resolved your issue and have added a credit into your account. Please check 3 para of the screenshot. if you received the credit into your envato account then you will be able to use the credit to purchase your next product/item.

If you have any query about the credit then please het in touch with support. they will assist you. In forum we can’t help any to fix any payment issue. Just we can send in the right direction/truck.

Thanks for Understanding

Hi, I’m not looking to discuss with a volunteer. I’m seeking a dialogue with people experiencing similar issues to see if they actually received a refund.

I do not want envato credit because I do not plan on supporting this company any longer.

Sorry! just I tried to focus what you received from envato support and also tried to send you in the right place (envato customer support). Sorry! As a volunteer I can’t do more than this. please continue with support, only they can assist you on this. Thanks