I made 2 days unpublished site design reasons. ?

I made 2 days in site design is not published. Currently uploads the field waiting for processing what I should do. Why not run? Can you help?

If you mean it’s queued for processing, you probably just need to wait. It’s a manual process. :smile:

Reviews can take up to a week although it is worth keeping an eye on your spam folder also.

What you can do is share a link to the demo here and then people can offer advice while you wait

I approved design. PSD theme of what I needed to add another ingredient to the adoption of the PSD and image files. What are the rules. Have a project or I will reference examples. I will add my Acemiyi work for the first time.

My work has not accepted this error Where do you help please
enter link description here

Why is the file set to adult and restricted content - that almost certainly is not helping your submission