I’m new here, please give me suggestions if you can.

I need some suggestions please. I play PES, a football/soccer videogame and there’s a sequence I need to follow in order to score goals but the problem is that the sequence I need to follow is really hard to follow because I need to press certain buttons in specific time frames so I came up with an idea.

I need a program with which I can create an audio format in which I would put alarms in the time frames I need to press the buttons. Example: I need to press a specific button at the second 1.5 so the audio will have an alarm at second 1.4 and then I need to press the next button at second 2.8 so the audio will have an alarm at the second 2.7.

The problem is that I don’t have any experience with this kind of programs so could you please recommend one easy to use in order to create the audio file I need to create?

Hey @Sammi9541, AudioJungle is a maketplace for commercial music and the forum is intended for discussions around that. I guess, your post is totally off topic here.
My hint: You can download the free Audacity software. Search and download some free alarm samples and place them in the timeline, then export the timeline.

What I don’t understand is: How will you sync your alarm sequence start to the start of the game sequence? What I don’t understand too: Isn’t it more hard to keep in mind, which button you have to associate with the regarded sound instead of practicing the sequence without sound?

It is a lot of effort you want to invest for getting a game sequence done.