I`m looking for missing audiojungle item - Infinity by Appert



Hi everyone,
Can anyone help me find song “Infinity” by Appert (item number 19689158) or maybe someone bought something for this author and has a contact to him?
I just finished editting video with this song (only preview file) and it turned out that this author is no longer affiliated with Envato.
Maybe someone know where I can find him on another music stock?
Thanks in regards,


Hi @marpodgorny, unfortunately this track is not available here.


sad news but thank you for reply anyway.
Did you purchased this item?
Maybe inside zip archive is some text file with contact?


No, I did not buy any items. :slight_smile: The only thing I can advise you is to find an alternative to this track in the electronics genre as well.

Good luck!


Oh, ok :slight_smile:


This is a lesson for everyone to buy whenever it’s available rather than keep waiting until people decide to leave because everyone is waiting and he gets no sales.


Did you ever edite video for the clients?


@marpodgorny I understand your work and its appreciate (since I know what it means difficult and long work) do not let it event (absent track, for some reason) up and do not panic, I hope that you will find the right solution (from any difficult situation there is a way out and I hope that you will find your solution). I sincerely believe in it !


@CleanMagicAudio, my previous post was for “crivion” user :slight_smile:
This is not a tragedy :slight_smile: Of course I can find new music but I think this forum exists eg. for problem like this, so way don`t try.