I’m looking For approved PSD, HTML Templates for partnership work.

I’m looking For approved PSD, HTML Templates for partnership work.
Profile: 40/60. You 40%, Me 60%
We will convert HTML, PSD to WordPress. The WordPress theme will upload in my account and We will support Customer.
Money will send to your account at 15th per month.
My Portfolio: https://themeforest.net/user/ovatheme/portfolio
Thank you!

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Still looking for designer?
This is my portfolio: https://themeforest.net/user/alitstudio/portfolio

Hi @ovatheme,

I sent you an email :slight_smile:

Please check :wink:

I have 3 themeforest approved PSD ( Blog Design ) …would you be willing to work on partnership.

Thank you!

For Gutenberg? I don’t see those designs in your portfolio. Where are they?

Can you please reach me as I have awesome product to finish … can move on partnership or I can pay you as well … item will be plugins like elementor addon for gallery or gutenberg plugins etc …

Hey All @galaxy-theme Does not deserve work any more.
I had worked with him Plugin Work. That plugin budget was $650 He @galaxy-theme only pay $150 then i left 10% work.

As my opinion he didn’t deserve work anymore at Envato Forum Stay Safe from him.
This guy from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan and he said he is from UAE his word is like Hypocrite.

Our commitment was 50% work 50% payment.

This person is directly making us or treating us like spam

I didn’t say anything about a team/plural persona i’m say galaxy-theme author Akram.
I have write that comment the reason was making people careful from @galaxy-theme it is not personal attack any other reason. Who does not know this guy(@galaxy-theme) People will be safe from him and do not make business with him.
I have found him at Envato Forum.
I wish all people will safe from him if any do any business with this guy always careful.

He make a WordPress partnership with me and get my HTML file but never complete that project and wasting huge time a Year plus.Always rounding me.

Thread >> Closed.

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