I love to work as reviewer .

i love to work as reviewer but i dont know what are requests. Reviewer must be elite autor or to be a old member of envato marketplace …


I hope you work reviewer :slight_smile: regards.

it is bad idea or what ??

It’s not an easy job and even less easy to become one.

Reviewers get trained on the process but there is an assumed experience and skill set to get there.

  1. extensive (demonstratable, proper, working) experience and expert knowledge of whatever area you are reviewing e.g. WordPress, PSD design, video etc.

Bear in mind reviewers not only play guardian to envato standards but will be checking files from the biggest and best on the whole marketplace from all over the world - it takes a huge amount of credibility and experience to be able to critique and judge authors of that level.

  1. again extensive knowledge and experience of the envato marketplaces. This doesn’t mean you need to be a top selling author but that you need to be able to understand what makes files meet standards, if they fill a gap, what makes them popular or sell compared to what’s out there already, marketplace rules and so on.

With all due respect - based on previous forum activity it does not look like you are quite ready to become a reviewer. If you need to ask for advice on how to create PSD documentation and actions, are unaware of rules around partnerships with developers etc. then there is more to be learnt.


@charlie4282, a question, I can future work reviewer .psd only? I will learn expert .psd regards.

Anyone can become a reviewer as long as they can meet the expertise and experience requirements and offer something beyond what the many many other people who apply for these roles have.

Yes, many thanks :slight_smile:

as charlie said im not ready and im amateur … thank you Charlie nice comment … i will learn more and then try upload PSD (Y)

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As with everything to do with being and author, MOD, reviewer or staff - everyone has to be realistic and respectful.

As far as becoming a reviewer goes consider:

  • Focus on one file type (this goes for being an author too) if you jump from marketplace to marketplace, PSD to video etc. you will never succeed and will definitely never become a reviewer as it suggests a lack of expertise and/or commitment

  • Communication. Unfortunately this marketplace works in English. Without strong English skills any reviewer will probably not get past training (all in English) let alone be able to communicate their feedback or ‘reviews’ to authors or staff.

  • Be able to show working experience. Envato will never hire a reviewer without examples of their work and skills to judge others.

It really frustrates me to see all these developers or designers with 5 years experience but no portfolio to show for it (not aimed at you @LightDesigns). If anyone has worked in a creative field for even a year, and has any formal training then they should have examples of their work - if they can’t provide this then they are 99.9% of the time BS-ing.


@charlie4282 many thanks for you reply but I not can works reviewer because I not write very good english because I am deaf but I know english problem my write :frowning: again thanks.

Charlie . the reason why im jumping from graphic river to theme forest then video hive … Point is that i started like Theme maker but i never had an Approved PSD design then i jumped to Graphicriver . i found my self in Graphic River and im happy that i got my self in and now i have success there .
I will work Hard to have more approved designs and hVe biger selling .

thank you for your time charlie . i just asked how are rules and things to be reciewer .

thank you

And not to mention they keep the reviewers locked in a small, boiling hot room, deep under the Envato compound, with no light, barely any air, and they have to work 22 hours a day, seven days a week… with nothing to eat or drink but Envato t-shirts and the ink from Envato pens.

Due to the harsh environmental conditions, they’ve all developed scaly skin, jet black eyes and superhuman strength… and they communicate telepathically, taking orders from ‘the reviewer queen’. If they make any mistakes or fall behind, then they mysteriously… ‘disappear’. No doubt to provide much needed nourishment for the queen, so she can lay more ‘reviewer eggs’.

Although some, if not all of the above, may be untrue.


Haha this made me laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

best of luck :slight_smile:

That is not an easy work or something. We have to ready to get so much pain and walk through rain. Need a long process to be “someone” cheer up… :slight_smile:

Is there any information on how to apply for reviewer?

You have to be invited

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