I lost my TWO months and Motivation for this Hard Rejected project 😢

Hi friends. I recently got hard reject to my project which i was working in it 2 month :cry:

I carefully designed it and thought every detail.

Yes I know there is many similiar items on the market. But my item’s differences were: there was 1080x1920 and 1080x1080 versions also. Because almost there is not any item like this, with these versions. Most of them are only 1920x1080.

And I think my camera movements and etc. are smoother than many similiar projects.

I don’t know. I just lost my motivation :cry:

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Sorry for the rejection and don’t loss your motivation.
There is nice camera movement but I saw alot of similar work like you, unfortunatly you didnt come with new techniqes and ideas. In the future don’t put much effort unnless you make something new .

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Yes, this is just another one the same slideshow in the huge ocean of this market. Nothing special. Don’t copy boring outdated projects Try to be unique

But there is not any slideshow which has 1080x1080 version :man_shrugging:

Your project must be excellent, new, fresh, unique, etc… If all this is missing, your “1080x1080” will not help.
This should be just a bonus to an excellent project, and not the main reason why it should be approved.


If I was the reviewer I would have also rejected it. There are no details. All the camera movements are the same. What you should do in the future, if you want to make this style, is to use good-looking frames for the photos and create different camera movements. Right now, the photo frame is just a square and nothing more. I’m attaching an image of a cool photo frame so you can get the idea.

My advice is to stop creating such kind of slideshows, they are too outdated. Not any frame or something will help here.

And no offense, but 2 months for such project is way too much.

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You are absolutely wrong.

You are absolutely wrong :wink:


Ok, create such kind of and prove me wrong :wink:

It looks nice to me. How do you edit it? What format is it in?

I will, mate! I’m going to send you a personal message with the link when it gets uploaded. You will see…


as it seems challenge is accepted!! :sunglasses:

btw i would like to see it too…

ps. @DrMotion for 2 months of work you shouldn’t have missed the 0:30sec bumpy shake of the camera. Just saying…

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@Bogz oops… watched the 0:30 several times, didn’t catch the shake? you sure at 0:30 ?

yup…0:29 to 0:30 … you really can’t see it?

I can’t see any shake there either.

No, I don’t see

hahaahhaaha i’ve opened it on youtube on higher res and seems to be much smoother. In the forum though there is a shake. I don’t know maybe it’s my graphic card or maybe i’m going crazy… :crazy_face:

YOU, are absolutely wrong.

Sorry, dut YOU, are absolutely wrong :joy: :wink:

To be serious, I think that the author is better to leave this project and start making a new project, given the mistakes of the old project