I lost motivation with AJ...but it came back!

Hello friends!

I am in lots of forums but this one is, by a mile, the most productive (and less toxic) one (at least for me).

So, in the spirit of gratitude, i want to share some words about my recent journey over here. I really hope this helps someone since this place helped me so much thru this journey.

I am a producer / engineer from Brazil and my main income is from the recordings i make.

Since last year, with all the news (ADP, Elements and the ever-increasing number of tracks) i just froze.

I swear, i opened my template and started tracks about 20 times just to delete on the next day (and I’m not that type of person).

All of this made me burn out and look for other possibilites since i´ve enjoyed very much this niche of the music business.

After some searching for smaller production libraries, courses, trailer libraries, forums, opinions, insight and months later, this is my conclusion:

There’s no easy path in this industry. I was chasing money desperately (don´t get me wrong, we all need it), but i´ve completely forgot why i got into this in the first place.

I love making music! Actually i prefer earning 10 doing what i love than 15 doing what i hate. My pleasure to make music is also a form of payment that make up for this differences for me.

All we need is to keep working…and HAVING FUN (never forget that!!)!! Every time we finish a track, we take a step further and we get better at what we do.

So, why i´ll stick to AJ?

Long story short…

There’s no guarantee or 6 figure income (for sure) anywhere else more than here. If you take all the pros and cons into consideration and compare, by todays reality, things are pretty much even on this market (at least for me, and i have on million reasons to think so!).

So i´ll stick to what i already started.

You have to analyse and decide for yourself, but for me, the freedom of choosing (almost) any genre i want to submit, set the price i want and 15 days later have somes sales are unbeatable.

I was going crazy analysing all the possibilities on this music-for-media-thing but at the end of the day, make a choice, work hard and stick to the path you chose, because we really need the money but we started this for love.

And i believe that in the same way this “royalty free” market opened up for performance royalties, ADP and on, things will get better as the time goes.

To start over, you will have to come back. To continue, you just have to keep going!

(Sorry for my english!)


Nice and inspiring words… thank you! :slight_smile:

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Glad to help!!

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Totally agree! Great post!

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Hey HeyHeyIndie :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I also think it’s important as you say to focus on the music you really enjoy making. Even if you feel like it’s going nowhere one day in the future, at least you had fun on the journey. I had a little listen to your portfolio, really great stuff!

My perspective is slightly different than yours, right now I am actually grateful that I had a couple of weak months here on AJ because it made me branch out non exclusively and look for other possibilities which are starting to grow fruits latest months. And as for making choices, for me personally it’s a great freedom to not think about where I should upload stuff, like if you have 1 exclusive and 1 non exclusive account it can be hard to decide where to focus your energy/where to put your best tracks.

I still think AJ is the coolest stock music site and it’s a great place to learn about commercial music music licensing. Not to mention the best community and forums by far. Hopefully the site will continue to grow and evolve for the better in the future.

Anyway, good luck with your further journey!


And i believe that in the same way this “royalty free” market opened up for performance royalties, ADP and on, things will get better as the time goes.

Next stop is a background music made by computer and sounds even better then items at audiojungle market. With monthly subscribe it will kill 99% of music made by a factory standarts.

Making a brand is a key now.


Thank you for your input @MojoSoundtrack!!

And thank you for your kind words too. I’ve checked your portfolio! High quality tracks and very versatile. Congrats!!

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