I lost most of the previews images

I lost most of the previews images. Image previews are not displayed in google chrome browser. In the Opera browser, I see the preview correctly. For example, this template does not display a preview picture.
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Does anyone else have the same problem? What should I do in this situation?


I tried to check this from different devices and IP addresses. The result is the same.

Same here.

About 80% of items, no preview image.
Just got my new item approved. It also has no Preview Image.

What if we try updating the preview image?

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I think envato is experimenting again.

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I just edited 1 item, and re-uploaded the preview image.
Now it is showing… But only for that item.
It seems like we have to re-upload and update each item’s preview image one by one

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Could this affect sales? What do you think?

I’m sure Envato will fix this. It takes a long time to fix them all manually.

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Seems like doing it manually will fix only some items.
I just noticed one of my items again lost its preview image, even after I re-uploaded it.

Better to wait a little bit.

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I have a large portfolio. I would not like to reload all images manually.

There is no problem on the search page. only on item page.

I don’t think it affects the sale, but it looks amateurish.

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Hopefully Envato will fix this.

Not sure whether this will affect sales.

When a buyer is about to buy an item, the purchase button is right next to the preview image.
So, buyers can be confused. Just my idea.

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You are right. It may delay the purchase. or the buyer can choose the item with the image.

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I agree. This can scare the buyer off.

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Thank you for reporting this!


Thanks for the support!

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Thanks for the heads up @MrsEnabled! Devs are looking into it now.


Thanks for the support!

Hi folks,

We’ve identified the issue and rolled out a fix. Things should all be working now; you might need to do a hard-refresh on any pages you have already open. Please reply back if you see any preview images that are still not loading properly.


They had the hypothesis that the preview images distracted the buyers from the Buy button. They have to test this out, because