I looking for This back music!

I’m sorry.
I’m not good at speaking English, because I’m a Japanese.

So, sorry I’m not good in English.

I looking for the back music!

Do you know this music title?

Hi Leo_mao!

Are you sure that this track comes from audiojungle?

Sorry, i dont know what it’s called… good luck finding it!

Thank you for your comments!

Yes,In fact,I had known this track comes from audiojungle.
Thank you for your advice.

Yesterday I looking for this track in audiojungle 5 hours more.
But I can’t found it.
May be ,I’m no good at how to find…

I like that track.
So,I want to do my best to achieve that today too.

Thank you!

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The best way, is to find the creator of this video, to get this information. Good luck :blush:

Thank you for your comments.

I agree with you.
So, I have sent an email for the creator of this video.
He said,"I forget tittle!! Because this video created one year ago."
Oh that’s life.

Yesterday I looked for this track,But I could’t found it yet.

I think…
this track has already disappeared.
Is there such a thing ?

(I’m sorry When English is not wrong)

Tracks do dissapear every now and then yes… but it is likely that it’s still here.
Perhaps the creator of the video could log in audiojungle and look at his purchased items?