I Look for Audio-Player Plugin + SELL built-in (Wordpress Only)

Hey All,
I’m looking for an Audio-Player Plugin with specific features.
One option is SIMPLE and you probably can help me find it quick:

Simple Features I look for in the Audio-Player / Shop plugin:
I’ll be happy to see an Audio-Player that will allow me to insert the Embedded code from Gumroad as an overlay, so when I click BUY from the player, it will launch Gumroad’s overlay… without exit the website.
I also need either: GRID or Playlist (or both will be amazing!) on this plugin so I can put many songs in one page based on categories.

Feel free to let me know, Thanks ahead!

The more “hard to find” Audio-Player-Shop plugin I would like to purchase:
For the other search, I look for specific features and I’m well aware it’s almost impossible to find in 1 specific item but most features will be great as well.
Some features are inspired from my experience with Gumroad but I wonder if I can do it on my website.

1 - Supports .MP3 .WAV

2 - Option for Preview and SELL via Paypal or Payoneer

3 - Sell from the Player itself, BUY Button if possible not going out of the website (Overlay is an option for purchase as long as the buyer stay on the website).

4 - I need to add different .PDF license (extra files plus the song) based on which purchase for the same song? (like in Gumroad) for example:
A. If buyer purchase Lease, it’s: +Lease_License.PDF
B. if it’s Exclusive: +Exclusive_License.PDF

5 - The .PDF should be stamped with the name of the buyer when purchase. (also like in Gumroad)
If not built-in is there another plugin that will work with it?

6 - Option for Playlist or Individual songs so I can put anywhere on my website

7 - Optional GRID will be great to make many songs based in grid on 1 page.

7 - Coupon Codes for ALL or for Specific songs I choose.

8 - Special “SALE” to control % Discounts for all my songs on at for specific date.

9 - Can I change the Player graphics with .PSD Photoshop source files, or if there is a wide variety to choose a theme for the player it’s also great.

I hope you can help pointing me to such an advanced “Audio-Player / Shop” item on Codecanyon so I’ll decide which one to purchase, thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!