I know it's no big deal but...My first sale!

Thanks and congratulations! :grinning:

Many congratulations :smile:

Thank you very much @imithemes. All the best to you! :grinning:

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Those bigger licences are always a big deal… Congrats!!

Thanks for million @stardiva! For sure it feels great and makes you wander why the buyer needs such a license for and how it will be used…? :grinning:

Congrats! Way to start things off with a big license!! :sunglasses:

Well done MusicMode and a nice license too for your first sale. To many more for you

Big thank you @MorningLightMusic and @AzaTrend for your kind words!
Wish you many happy moments with your sales! :grinning:

Congrats, I remember both the feeling of first sale, and first time this Mass Production thingie came along - sweet :wink:

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Thanks @Soundlufs! Best regards!

Congratulations :tada: I think most of us here can remember how we felt when we had our first sale!!! Great feeling isn’t it?!!! Good luck on AJ :slight_smile:

Thanks @FlossieWood! It feels great! :grinning: Wish you all the best!

Its a great feeling. I remember exactly feb 7th 2014 when we got our first sale :slight_smile: congrats mate

Congratulations :wink:

Congratulations! Hopefully you will receive many more sales!

Congrats…MusicMode…!!! :slight_smile:

Big thanks @Jthemes, @MyMusicID, @Sonny1993, @NoiseHoop! Good luck to you all and many, many sales! :grinning:
Best regards! :smiley:

It may not be a big deal to you, but it s a big deal… congrats! :grinning:

My Congratulations)

Of course that is a big deal! That means people like the music you created! It should inspire you to sell more and more tracks! Good luck!