I know it's no big deal but...My first sale!

Hello and big thanks to Envato&Community :blush:
I sold my first track and it was a Music Mass Reproduction License sale! Someone found my song after 17 days from approval day! Thank You my first buyer! :pray:Cool :grinning:
Best to all of You!!!


Congrats! First sale is a great feeling.

Of course it’s a big deal! Congrats, @MusicMode! I remember my first sale - what a feeling!

More where that came from. Keep up the great work!

Thanks @JC-Underscore ! Yeah, it’s great and uplifting :grinning::airplane:

Congratulations!! That warm tingly feelin"!!! Good luck!

Thank you @AurusAudio! I hope for more. Best!

Thanks @deliciousaudio! Good luck to you!

What a great rush to sell a Mass License right off the start! Congratulations MusicMode :+1:

Yeah, I didn’t expect that. Actually, I did not expect any sales after almost 3 weeks from upload. Track is already buried under hundreds more songs. Great surprise! Good luck to you @MidnightSnap!

Congrats MusicMode, everyone here has this special feeling on their first sale… :wink: . Hope it will be one small first step toward a great adventure in envato world you may have in the future … Good luck

Thank you very much @GridRide! Yes, this is great feeling. I hope that too and wish you many, many sales and success with your creation! Best!

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Well done!
It’s a buzz getting that first sale, amongst so many tracks - someone choose your track over all those others :slight_smile:

Congrats! Every sale is a big deal :grinning:

it is a big deal ! i wish you soon celebrate your 1000 sale ! :smiley:

That’s right @anon84261621 , I feel good when thinking about it. Or maybe buyer did’t have much time and picked my track in a rush?:smiley: There is so many great, wonderful and highly produced tracks here… Thanks so much and good luck to you!

Thank you @Hyperprod! :grinning: Don’t know if it’s allowed to put links here - Wow!!! Your Eighties Television Theme! Sounds great! Love it! Best!

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Ha, ha! Thanks @AmazAudio! Maybe someday:grinning: Wish you the same and many more!:grinning:

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Thank you! Seems like there’s a huge demand for this kind of music here (not :joy:)
Edit: Listened through your whole portfolio by the way. Nice tracks that I’m sure will give you more sales.

Yeah, I don’t know what to say… If there is a ukulele in that track- make it louder- can’t hear it :grinning:
Word portfolio in my case is a little bit of exaggeration :joy: Thanks a lot!

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Congratulations!! Me too!:gift: