I know it is the worst but again need your review!

This is the newest design i have made. I need your precious ideas about it. I would love to hear my mistakes so i can avoid them next time.

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hi this is definitely original but the problem is that colors of tex and so on are failing to contrast enough with the background - i guess that opting for white would have a good thing - thus making the information not really springing out or being really readable indeed, not to mention that it could have been better in terms of harmony too

i like what u have for the logo side, though this is a bit empty and lacking graphic design all the same , especially as the logo is not meant to be kept, which basically emphasizes the emptiness in a way

for the information side i suggest more subtle bullets under the information, maybe trying to decrease the opacity is a thing as right now this is sort of raw and lacking finesse
the logo and name look too close from the upper edge too, not sure that this is not in the trimline or safety zone …
texts are not super readable or outstanding as more or less mentioned above
finally the picture of the guy looks quite disconnected with the rest


Hey There! I see you have some creative skills in your design, it’s perfect but you’ve also some bad points you made them.

  1. Too many not suitable colors, try to use some suitable colors to the brown like yellow and black, and gold.
  2. Too many Empty Spaces, try to fill it with shapes or texts to make the texts bigger.
  3. Not Accepted Fonts, because the subject is not suitable with fonts.

That’s All, Good Luck.


Thanks guys. Your ideas mean a lot to me.