I keep getting "Invalid purchase code, please provide valid purchase code!"

I have a code with the houzez theme I purchased but it comes back as invalid when I cut and paste in the entry field. I even tried removing the dashes.:

Houzez Purchase Verification
Enter purchase code to verify your purchase. This will allow you to install plugins, import demo and unlock all features

Enter item purchase code.

You can consult this article to learn how to get item purchase code or you can purchase new license from themeforest which will include 6 months free support and lifetime updates.

Invalid purchase code, please provide valid purchase code!

You do need the dashes for it to work. The exact format should look like this:

Can you also double check that when you pasted the purchase code into the text field, there weren’t any spaces around it? Sometimes browsers will sneak a space at the beginning or end of the text, and this will unfortunately cause validation to fail if the author didn’t account for it.

If the above doesn’t help you, then it’s time to contact the author of your theme for assistance:

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Thank you! That cleared it up.

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