I just wanted to be with you all, guys...

…and got another reject. I’m really new to AudioJungle and can’t find out what the problem with this one is. I really need your help.

Critical panning. It’s distracting. Pressure on the head. Pay attention to the phase offset.


Ty, Foxhorn. Is there anything else I should pay attention to? Like melody/arrangement/mood? Or is it just about mixing?

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I think the kick is too loud

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Ty, OvertSounds. If I’m not bothering you too much, could you, please, tell me what you think about the arrangement?

Sure, I’m no expert though.

The overall arrangement seems ok, you did it like it’s generally done for AJ, which is fine.

I think I would have a new melody in the breakdown from 0:52. And also, develop the melody a bit more before the breakdown, it sounds a bit monotonic, some melody development would make it lot better.

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Ty, really appreciate your help.

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