I just want to understand!

I do not understand so far is estimated performance. Why this work accepted, but this work is not accepted. This is not the first failure for me, but every time I can not understand - it really is difficult to indicate the author for his mistakes? Why send a letter template that does not mean that you need to fix. I’m not asking to take my job, but I ask to explain to me my mistakes. Сan someone explain what is wrong with my project?

I’m a musician,so it’s my subjective opinion as a user.
I think both works are just great.
But,personally I like the accepted work more because of colors and feeling of greatness.
In the Fight Club I don’t like the overall grey tone.If I was a buyer,I would search for something exciting that will make me say Wow,it’s awesome
And maybe in the Fight Club it would be cool do add even a simple motion to the fighters.
It’s just my opinion and I think that expirienced Videohive authors can say detailed things and be more informative.
Wish you all the best!

Thank you for the answer. It’s important for me. The project has a color presets and it is actually more contrast than a to the preview. But the men wondered as statues, so … In any case, once again thank you for your participation.

I, too, am a musician and I agree that the characters should have some kind of animation.
the template looks very “static” and it does not give the sense of “action” and “fight”.